Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Snowman Tree

We spent the  evening putting up the Snowman Christmas tree. Katy, Becky, Kyle and Tyler helped. Now you would expect Brayden or Cade to brake something, but no . . . it was Katy who managed that tonight, lol. 
When she was younger, she was in a hurry out the door and slammed it so hard that it knocked off a ceramic camel that belonged to my nativity. She desperately glued it back together and placed it back in its proper spot. It wasn't until a few days later that I noticed the cracks in my camel. I still have that camel cracks and all, but even better is the memory now that comes with those cracks.

Brayden was trying to hold Cade, but Cade wasn't to keen on the idea.

I think it was overload for Brayden.

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Nathan and Annie Miller said...

I bet this Christmas season is going to be a blast with all the little ones around! How exciting for you guys!