Monday, August 11, 2008

Fighting in Georgia

I've had several people ask about Chad and how close he is to the fighting that's going on in Georgia. Chad is near Dnipropetrovsk and I have a nephew in Donetsk. The Russians have moved into the southern part of Georgia. As of now things are okay. Here is the latest I can find on Ukraine's involvement. If I hear any news from Chad or from the mission home, I will be sure to let you know. Thank you for your continuous prayers for Chad and all the missionaries. 
The most categorical statement to date has come from Ukraine, a strong Georgian ally. On August 10, Ukraine warned that Russia’s actions could draw it into the fray. Ukraine may bar Russian navy ships deployed from the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Sevastapol from reentering the port, an August 10 statement on the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s web site reads.
Georgia claims that Russian ships from Sevastapol have landed some 4,000 troops at Ochamchira, a coastal town in Abkhazia, in a bid to open a second front in the conflict.
The government also claims that Russian ships are preventing other vessels bearing grain supplies from docking at Georgian ports. Lomaia estimates that Georgia has a 30-day supply in reserve.
"In order to prevent the circumstances in which Ukraine could be drawn into a military conflict ... Ukraine reserves the right to bar ships which may take part in these actions from returning to the Ukrainian territory until the conflict is solved," the statement affirmed. Ukraine, like Georgia, seeks entrance into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a move which Russia fiercely opposes.
Elizabeth Owen and Giorgi Lomsadze 8/10/08

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