Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alligator Hunt

I never did finish telling about our trip through Tennesse, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas this summer.  We stopped at a  US Fish and Wildlife Preserve in Louisiana. Sam really wanted to see an alligator, me . . . not so sure.
Our first sighting was not exactly what Sam had hoped for, but it was just about right for me.  I got to thinking if they have to put a sign up to warn people about alligator crossings, then . . . there must be (at least occasionally) alligator crossings. Just thinking about the possibility and enormous bugs (no, we were not in TX yet) dive bombing my head, I decided I'd had enough. I went back to the van and Sam finished his stroll alone.                                        
It wasn't until we got home and started looking at the photos that Sam remembered this one.
I wonder who sighted who first??

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katy brown said...

that would be so exciting. dad you look so cute in the picture underneath the sign