Saturday, August 9, 2008

Letter from the Senior Couple

Elder  Carter, senior missionary couple serving in Chad's area, emailed me this morning on behalf of Chad. He was letting me know Chad had received his new debit card and would I activate it. Here is the remainder of his letter and a new picture of Chad and his companion, Elder Wagner.

I want to also let you know how close we have become with Elder Christensen. He calls me most every evening to see how our day was and tell us about his. He has become a trusted friend to us. He has always treated us with kind respect and is considerate and helpful. The work here is difficult and it takes courage and stamina to go out on the streets every day but he does it. I've listened to him bear testimony in Russian and it is genuine and heartfelt. In fact, we are teaching our most promising investigator with him and Elder Wagner and love both of them. We always look forward to being with them and since we see most all of our 10 missionaries 2-3 times every week I can tell you that we are keeping a good eye on him for his Mother.
He's grown a lot. He's a missionary you can be proud of!
Elder Carter

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